Forget about coffee, get a natural boost with guarana

Le guarana : coup de boost naturel pour oublier le café 

Every morning, millions of people around the world start their day the same way: with a cup of coffee. The vast majority of them drink coffee for one reason: to make their mornings a little less difficult with a good boost!

But coffee drinkers also know about the caffeine crash, acid reflux, headaches, stomach aches, palpitations and anxiety that coffee brings. Is there another product that can provide the same energy boost, but in a more sustained, and most importantly, healthier way?

Say hello to guarana.

Guarana, what?

Guarana is a super plant that contains the highest concentration of caffeine (2 to 4 times more caffeine than coffee beans!). Straight from the Amazonian forest, it is known to be a very effective stimulant, rich in guaranine (natural caffeine).

Guarana has the characteristic to diffuse slowly and durably in the body contrary to the coffee which tends to have a quite important crash effect.

A little history

The indigenous people of the Amazonian forests have used the guarana plant for centuries in traditional medicine, known for giving energy to hunters.

Fun fact: in the history of the Mawe (Brazilian natives), it is said that the original guarana plant grew from the eye of a murdered child (it looks a lot like an eye, doesn't it?). It then gave birth to other children, the first members of the Mawe people.

What are the main benefits of guarana?

  1. Its stimulating nature

For its high concentration of caffeine, guarana powder is now found in many energy drinks. This natural alternative allows to:

  • reduce fatigue
  • improve cognitive performance
  • promote memory and learning
  • increase alertness and mental well-being
  • have a long-lasting boost effect

LGuarana also contains theobromine and theophylline. These compounds are similar to caffeine but have a weaker effect. It is THE ideal substance for students during exam periods!

  1. A good antioxidant

Containing many compounds with antioxidant properties (caffeine, theobromine, tannins, saponins, catechins, etc.) guarana can have a positive effect on your health. It can eliminate toxins and reduce the risk of chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancers,...).

  1. A fat burning effect

In the case of a diet, guarana is a natural appetite suppressant which stimulates the metabolism. Its properties activate the combustion of fats to transform them into carbohydrates.

A few tips

For an optimal use of guarana, here are some tips:

  1. Choose clean options

In most energy drink offerings on the market, guarana is often mixed with other substances (such as taurine) and large amounts of sugar, which can amplify the effects of the caffeine. If you're looking for a 100% natural, organic and clean drink, check out buddy.  

  1. Consume in moderation

Because of its high caffeine content, choose small doses of guarana and limit your coffee consumption if you consume guarana on the same day. Whatever the source of caffeine, always consume it in moderation to avoid addiction and other health problems.

  1. Guarana is not for everyone

It may be obvious but a little reminder doesn't hurt: guarana is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people suffering from cardiovascular imbalances.

The key to using guarana successfully is to see how it works for you before making it a regular part of your routine, consume it sparingly and buy it from a trusted brand.

For a natural and safe boost, check out buddy!

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