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Mango Passion

Sale price€20,99
The 100% natural drink to boost your productivity:

⚡ Sharper focus and sustained energy

🌱 100% natural and organic

🍃 Only 13kcal/100ml

Pack size: 12 cans
87% des consommateurs ont vu une hausse de leur productivité avec Buddy
72% en consomment au quotidien

2 organic superfoods that make a difference

Ginkgo Biloba • 122mg

Ginkgo Biloba, known for its beneficial properties on cognitive functions, is at the heart of Buddy. It promotes memory, concentration, and increased mental clarity.

Guarana • 825mg

Buddy draws its energy from guarana, a natural source of caffeine. This constant and sustainable energy is released without the undesirable effects of synthetic coffee.

You talk about it better than we do!

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Gilles W.

Ordered on Monday and received on Wednesday in just under 48 hours!

Love the concept, bought them for my partner who consumes quite a few energy drinks, in order to find a healthier alternative.

So don't expect to drink a beverage filled with sugar and flavor enhancers. Here we have a healthier product, less guilt-inducing to drink, and that's exactly what we were looking for ;)

Nathalie B.

Order received, I got the discovery pack. Really a great discovery that boosts my energy; I let my family taste it and they also enjoyed it, and I'll be reordering in a few days!

Natacha M.

I ordered the discovery pack and I'm impressed. As a heavy consumer of energy drinks, I wanted to try something other than the usual big brands as I was getting tired of them, and I'm not disappointed. I'll definitely be placing more orders. The flavors are light but very good and much less sweet, which is appreciated. The energizing effects are also there. Well done and keep up the good work!

Sophie H.

Having tested it, it's great, it's a drink that allows you to be in shape without putting your health at risk with all the sugar found in regular energy drinks...

Nico D.

Très content d'avoir découvert Buddy, chouette goût (un peu déstabilisant au début car moins sucré que la concurrence) et effet garanti!
Depuis que j'en bois j'ai complètement arrêté de consommer un autre soda dont je ne parvenais pourtant pas à me détacher... ;)

Antoine B.

Insane! It's just insane! Super clean product, without any additives or other ingredients bad for health. The effect is smooth and the taste is delicious. I drink it almost every day before exercising or before a professional meeting or when recording a podcast. I consume it with peace of mind, trusting what I put into my body, without fear, as with Red Bull, Monster or others, that I damage my health in the long term. I recommend it 100%.

Jonathan W.

J’aime la caféine mais pas le café et cherchait depuis longtemps une boisson énergisante saine et non sucrée (sans édulcorants !) je reçois un pack tous les mois et en bois tous les jours.

Your healthy solution

Buddy goes beyond just being an energy drink; it's your healthy solution, backed by informed choices and an outstanding score of 65 on Yuka.